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You've got questions. We've got answers. We've been in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling business for years and we're happy to share our expertise so you can make an educated decision about your home.

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What Counter Surface is Most Durable?

Chances are if you have kids you're concerned about the longevity of your kitchen countertops. Discover the pros and cons of each countertop material.

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Can I keep my cabinets and replace only counter tops?

Many homeowners worry that they won't be able to keep their existing cabinetry when they opt to replace their countertops. Don't worry, your current cabinets will look fabulous with your new countertops.

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Granite Counters vs. Quartz?

Can't decide between granite counters or quartz? There are many benefits to these two types of material. We outline the differences so you can decide.

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What is the Cost Comparison between Corian, Granite and Quartz Countertops?

Yes there are price differences between corona, quartz, and granite countertops, but chances are we have a beautiful looking solution for your specific needs well within your budget.

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Benefits of “solid surface” Countertops

The top reasons why you should consider Corian. Solid surface countertops are not to be overlooked. If you haven't considered them check out the benefits.

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How long will it take to replace my counter tops?

Want new countertops fast! This is a common concern for homeowners. We understand that you can't be without your kitchen. We can remove your old countertops and install your new ones in a single day. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Integrated Corian Sinks and Their Benefits

What is an integrated sink made from Corian and what are the benefits of an integrated sink? This is a common question a person might ask when remodeling their kitchen. If you've ever wondered read on and enjoy this informative piece.

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What are my BackSplash Options for Kitchen Countertops?

You've decided on your kitchen countertops, but you're not sure what type of backsplash is right for your kitchen remodel? If you live in the Denver area we can help you pick out the right materials at our showroom and take care of the installation too!

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Sil Granite Sinks and Why You Want One!

If you're considering a composite sink you might want to learn about the ones made from Sil Granite. You may have asked yourself, "What is an composite sink made from Sil Granite and what are the benefits of a composite sink?"

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What Type of Edge Designs are Available for New Kitchen Countertops?

Picking out the right edge design for your new kitchen countertops can be a difficult decision, but we can help you decide what's right for you. We've been installing countertops in the Denver area for decades and we're here to share our expertise with you.

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Top Mount vs. Under Mount Sinks

Confused about a top mount and under mount sink? Asked yourself, "What are the differences between a “top mount” and an “under mount” sink and what are the pros and cons of the two types." We are here to provide the answers.

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What Stains Solid Surface, Granite, or Quartz Countertops?

Kitchen remodeling is a big investment, so naturally you want to protect your investment. Many opt to conduct research before selecting a material for their countertops We have the answers to the important question; what will stain or damage my countertops?